2016 Heritage Award Categories and Criteria

1. Creative reuse and contemporary design in a heritage place

Sponsored by Regional Management Group

Changing or adapting the use of a redundant or disused place to a different purpose; construction of new, contemporary additions that have minimal impact on the significance of a heritage place.


  • Is the new use, adaptation or new additions sympathetic to the significance of the heritage place?
  • How well have original components and fabric been restored or preserved?
  • How innovative and creative is the adaptation or design project?
  • Do the new additions or adaptation demonstrate excellence of design?
  • Has the former use been interpreted in the new use or adaptation?
  • Have the works complied with planning and building permits?

2. Incorporation of sustainability principles in heritage restoration/adaptation

Incorporation of sustainability principles and innovative approaches to sustainable resource use in a heritage building.


  • Has the incorporation of sustainability principles been balanced with the conservation of heritage values?
  • Can the applicant demonstrate the water and energy savings and material reuse/recycling?
    (Built environment sustainability scorecard)
  • Have the works complied with planning and building permits?

3. Specialist heritage trade skills

Sponsored by Pyrenees Quarries

Recognising trades people who use specialist or traditional methods and craftsmanship to a very high standard.


  • How well does the tradesperson or company utilise specialist trade skills and is this demonstrated in the place nominated?
  • Does the tradesperson or company demonstrate excellence in their approach to heritage?

4. Heritage advocacy

Recognising achievement in preservation, conservation and research of a heritage place or collection by an individual or group.


  • How does the group or individual demonstrate excellence in their endeavours?
  • Is the significance of the collection or heritage place being conserved and enhanced?
  • Is the individual or group working in a manner which is compliant with Burra Charter guidelines?
  • Is the work of the individual or group contributing to the community’s understanding of our heritage?

5. Adaptation and conservation of historic commercial spaces

Sponsored by Maldon & District Community Bank

Recognising sympathetic adaptation or restoration of historic shop fronts and commercial spaces in a heritage area.


  • Has the adaptation or restoration restored, retained or interpreted original elements of the historic fabric or former uses of the place?
  • Has the work been carried out in a manner which is sympathetic to the surrounding shops, buildings and the heritage streetscape?
  • Have the works complied with planning and building permits?

6. Restoration of a heritage place

Restoration work that restores the original fabric or preserves the integrity of a heritage place.


  • Has the restoration conserved the significance of the place? (Not just modernised/improved its appearance and liveability)
  • Has the restoration ensured the longevity of the place and original fabric?
  • Has the restoration demonstrated sensitivity to the heritage values of the place?
  • Have the works complied with planning and building permits?